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Cheticamp Visitor Information Centre

Cheticamp VIC

15584 Cabot Trail
Cheticamp, Nova Scotia
B0E 1H0
Phone 1 902 224 2642
Fax 1 902 224 2642

Hours of Operation: June 8:30 – 5 daily / July & August – 8:30 – 6:30 daily / September & October 8:30 – 5 daily

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8 Responses to “Cheticamp Visitor Information Centre”

  1. Ronald White says:

    Recently visited your lovely town.
    Camera trouble so need some postcards of the main road in town eg church ,
    Trois Pignons also visited. Costs by return.

  2. Sue LaLone says:

    Yesterday my husband and I did laundry at a place that was also a car wash. Most of our clothes came out with copper like stains on our clothes, which when rewashed did not come out. Some of these items were bought in our travels. The attendant just said sorry about that. This put a bad taste on Chedicamp for my husband and I. Just thought you might want to know about our experience.

  3. Paul Becker says:

    In early August, we used the same “laundromat” as Sue and her husband. We experienced the copper/rust like stains on our clothes.

    Another couple did their laundry right after us and had the same problem. Clothing is expensive. The laundry owner does not deserve to be in business if he/she does not care to serve clients properly.

    Time to step on the laundry owner and get him/her to fix the problem.

    I will be filing with Trip Adviser.

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  5. anderick says:

    really helpfull post thanks

  6. Kim O'Leary says:

    Re: laundromat in Chedicamp. Wish I read this before I did laundry on July 8, 2016. Copper stains on clothing.

  7. […] the Ch├ęticamp Visitor Centre we payed for access to the park and they gave us a receipt to stick in our car. For a full list of […]

  8. Gil says:

    Re: laundromat in Cheticamp.
    Which laundromat? There are at least two different laundromats in Cheticamp.
    Naming the name of the offending business (or businesses) would be helpful.

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