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TIANS Crystal & Pineapple Awards Call For Nominations

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TIANS is accepting nominations for the 2013 Crystal Tourism Awards of Excellence being held on Tuesday, November 26th at the World Trade and Convention Centre.

Take this opportunity to recognize excellence in your community and nominate a tourism business or individual that has made a significant contribution to the tourism industry. Please click here to download the nomination form.
Deadline: Friday October 11th, 2013

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A centuries old symbol of greeting and generous hospitality, The Pineapple is native to South America and was conveyed to Europe by the early explorers. As popularity grew, it was featured in architecture, art, and furniture. European colonists brought the now familiar pineapple to North America. Our seafaring ancestors placed a pineapple on their porch, door, or entrance after returning from a long voyage, welcoming visitors into their home to celebrate, announcing to all “Our voyage is over, our door is open, food and drink for everyone!” Thus the pineapple has become an international symbol of hospitality and is widely displayed in residences and business establishments, extending a warm welcome to all that visit.

The Nova Scotia Pineapple Awards recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond what is expected to enrich a visitor’s stay in Nova Scotia.

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