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ROAM: Redefining the educational travel industry


ROAM is a company dedicated to bringing education, adventure, cultural exploration and travel all under one all inclusive trip. ROAM specializes in creating unique opportunities for students and travelers to connect with others and experience diverse cultures –  the rich cultural background of Cape Breton. Whether it is language immersion, cultural exploration, community involvement or volunteerism, ROAM has it all.

The first camps we are working on are English Adventure Winter Camps for January 2014. They are two week camps for students ages 14 – 18 and the focus is on English study and cultural exploration. Workshops include trips to the Fortress of Louisbourg, the Miner’s Museum, Celtic dance classes with MacArthur School of Dance, Mi’kmaq drumming and dance classes, cross country skiing and more. Students practice English while exploring the beauty and heritage of Cape Breton. These camps also differ from exchange programs, as they are short trips with an educational purpose, thus, falling into the newly popular Educational Tourism industry.

You can get a full description of these first camps on our website: .

Initially, we are targeting students in China, Japan, Korea, and Bahrain for these first two camps, utilizing a social media / digital marketing strategy and agencies who specialize in finding students for camps like ours. Having worked as English teachers in these areas, myself and my partner Dana Kampman know how big the market for Educational Tourism is in that area. But it is not limited to that area and ROAM plans to continue to expand it’s brand reach, hitting other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Thailand, with each Educational Travel package we create.

Our vision for ROAM packages offered in Cape Breton include:

  • Camps for learning eco-sustainability
  • Golf Yoga Family Retreats
  • Yoga Nutrition Retreats
  • Family Adventure Camps

We would love to see ROAM packages available in Cape Breton from November through to June and are eager to find all avenues to help us reach this goal. There is the potential to build the English Adventure Winter Camps, as they do successfully in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

Educational Tourism is quickly gaining in popularity as people want to see their travel dollars go to something that benefits them more than just sitting on a beach at a resort. Cape Breton is the perfect destination for this. Rustic in charm, it is nature’s playground and we want to show the world what it has to offer. ROAM would like to make Cape Breton a hot spot for those looking to do more than vacation.

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