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Cape Breton Island 18 in 18 Signature Events

Cape Breton Island 18 in 18 Signature Events
Destination Cape Breton Association’s 18 in 18 Signature Events program provides marketing support on a regional, national, and international platforms for eligible major events taking place on Cape Breton Island. These major events will align with the unique creative spirit of Cape Breton Island and foster growth in the key areas of sporting, active living, arts, music, and culture.
The 18 in 18 Signature Events program will provide marketing support for eligible events via inclusion in DCBA efforts to market and promote Cape Breton Island as a tourism destination. This may include a listing on web-based and print materials promoting the included events, highlighting event title, date, location, and other distinguishable information.
This year’s deadline for funding application is February 19, 2018, 11:59 P.M.
Eligibility for the Cape Breton Island Signature Events program is based on an application process and evaluation of signature events criteria. Criteria may include, but is not limited to:
  • Marketing: ability to demonstrate marketing strategy and outline sources of paid and unpaid marketing effort
  • Culture: ability to demonstrate the unique First Nations, Celtic, and/or Acadian heritage of Cape Breton Island
  • Community: demonstrates support and involvement of community groups and volunteers that have palpable impact on the signature event
  • Economic impact: demonstrated ability to affect measurable economic benefit and increase tourist visitation to Cape Breton Island
  • Expertise and experience: demonstrated capacity of the event organizers to successfully manage the event
Eligible events must also demonstrate elements of ‘Major Events’ criteria. Such events may:
  • Be recognized nationally or internationally
  • A multi-day event that will draw visitors from off-Island
  • Showcase facilities and attractions of Cape Breton Island
  • Create opportunities for local businesses
  • Have significant media exposure
By applying to the Cape Breton Island Signature Events program, your event commits to:
  • Having accessible event information available by March 1, 2017 (up to date website, print materials, social media, and other marketing materials) for inclusion on, and also Destination Canada’s passport app.
  • Participation in DCBA events promoting the 18 in 18 (examples: sponsoring artists, providing video and print materials, participation in marketing process, sending representatives for visitor servicing)
  • Inclusion of the Cape Breton Island 18 in 18 Signature Events logo in marketing efforts and on-site at the event
Please refer to for an official application. If you have any questions please contact Mark Barber via e-mail or phone (902) 539-9374. Thank you in advance for your application.
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