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Best Practice Mission: Building a Quality Coastal Tourism Destination


Nova Scotia’s South Shore
November 2-4, 2015

Nova Scotia is a destination with a rich inventory of coastal and heritage related tourism product. This learning mission will visit communities and operations where the focus has been on building quality experiences leveraging these resources as well as implementing successful community based partnerships and innovative approaches to engaging visitors.

Focusing on the Atlantic coastline between St. Margaret’s Bay and Shelburne, this mission will provide participants with an inside look at how to develop effective grassroots partnerships and marketable product offerings. Delegates will learn how to enhance their regional inventory of quality tourism experiences and identify potential supporters and collaborators. The mission itinerary will encompass a broad array of tourism businesses and organizations that have competitively positioned themselves as a destination or experience of choice.

Target Participants

Participants include tourism operators seeking to enhance their coastal tourism experiences.

What To Expect:

  • Presentations from tourism operators/experiences who have enhanced their business by focusing on quality or innovative offerings
  • Visits to businesses/experiences who have adapted marketing efforts including signage/brochures to better reflect their product and draw in visitor
  • Discussion with regional champion groups focused on driving event activity and cooperative marketing in the absence of a broader regional marketing bod
  • First hand insight from past best practice mission participants on how to leverage learnings from the experience after returning home

Applicants agree to the following criteria:

  • Commitment to entire agenda and schedule of the missio
  • Development and provision of a short report to tour coordinator outlining identified learnings, best practices and plans for adaptation and implementatio
  • Submission of report, evaluations and expense claims within time frames allotted by TIANS

NOTE: Industry buy-in for the mission is $200.00, thanks to support from funders. Costs covered include coach transportation, accommodations during mission, scheduled meals and entry/experience fees. Please complete the form on reverse and submit as outlined to TIANS.

Application can be found here.

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