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Attention business owners, managers, and supervisors!

Customer service is critical for any business competing in today’s global market.  Here’s your opportunity to participate in a “Train the Trainer Customer Service Program” to improve what people are saying about you and your business!

Customize a training program for new and returning staff to ensure quality and consistent customer service.  This session will guide you through customer service basics, simple actions = big returns, understanding customer service on a global scale, product knowledge, technology and social media, and how you, as an owner or manager, can more effectively lead your team to success.

Sessions will be taking place next week as follows:

Tuesday, April 21st – Chéticamp (10am – 4pm)

Wednesday, April 22nd – Sydney (9am – 3pm)

Thursday, April 23rd – Baddeck (9am – 3pm)

Cost is $25 + HST and lunch is included.  Walk away from the session with resources that will help you develop your own in-house customer service program.

Register here today!

Please contact Kelsey @ with any questions.

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